SAP S/4 HANA — ERP Evolved

SAP is storming the cloud with S/4HANA to provide unmatched features and enterprise support.

75% of companies that made the move to S/4 HANA are finishing projects on-time, on budget — or both.

What Sets S/4 HANA Apart from the Competition?

  • S/4 HANA offers full cloud support, allowing companies to leverage the power of cloud computing for data analysis, processing performance at scale and enhanced data storage.
  • S/4 HANA is modular, making it easy to link people management, supply chain, customer experience and spend management.
  • S/4 HANA’s combines in-memory data storage with compression and columnar storage to significantly reduce data footprints.


S/4 HANA’s modular design lets businesses customize their ERP workflows and dependencies to streamline processes and reduce complexity using SAP’s updated Intelligent Suite.


Data security is paramount to embrace digital-first philosophies. S/4 HANA includes native cloud security features to help safeguard critical assets.


Process fragmentation is common among legacy ERP solutions — siloed functions and departments make it difficult to effectively collaborate or communicate. S/4 HANA empowers companies to unify processes across their technology stack.


The next generation of business technologies — from mobile and IoT devices to evolving database libraries and analysis tools — require ERP solutions capable of effectively integrating new functions on-demand to drive digital transformation.



Advantages of Using Cloud-Based ERP Solutions

When it comes to ERP solutions, many organizations are finding that their legacy systems can no longer support growing IT needs. The benefits of transitioning to cloud services like Azure are many. By using cloud services companies can improve the scalability of their ERP solution, gain access to AI-powered applications built into the cloud, integrate databases from different business units, and benefit from industry-leading security and compliance standards. Hidden word



The Business Case for SAP Cloud Migration

As businesses face increasing pressure to cut costs, deliver value-added products, and improve the customer experience, more enterprises are shifting workloads to cloud-hosted services. Migrating SAP systems to the cloud can reduce costs by taking hardware out of the picture and transferring security responsibilities to the service provider. Other benefits include reduction of Capex spend to free up cash flow, the ability to consolidate disparate systems, and simplify the IT environment.

Business Case Whitepaper

The Countdown Is On

Support for SAP ECC ends in 2025. The result? While the clock is ticking on legacy SAP support, many companies are still putting off the move to S/4 HANA. Our business case whitepaper — The Business Case for S/4 HANA Migration: Can You Afford to Keep S/4 HANA Migration on Hold? — dives into key operational advantages for:

  • Development and Testing — Develop and test new ERP frameworks easily with S/4 HANA’s cloud-based architecture.
  • Production Environments — Streamline production environments with the Intelligent Suite and Digital Core.
  • Archiving — Keep critical data safe and day-to-day operational data close at hand with advanced archiving features.
  • Training Environments — Customize, provision and deploy training environments to help staff maximize the impact of S/4 HANA.

IT Case Whitepaper

The Legacy Limit

While legacy solutions often remain in use because they’re not “broken” and IT teams don’t want to disrupt existing environments, there’s a limit to the utility of these systems — and what happens when they reach end-of-life and can’t be replaced? Our IT case whitepaper — Too Late for Legacy? Five Operational Reasons for a S/4 HANA Switch — speaks to critical IT gains including:

  • Flexible Spending — S/4 HANA’s cloud-based foundation means companies aren’t spending on in-house hardware and maintenance. Instead, operation expenses (Opex) can be tailored to meet IT needs and business requirements.
  • Improved Data Protection — Defending data at scale is critical for ERP success. S/4 HANA’s native resource scaling and improved database libraries help safeguard essential assets.
  • Enhanced Data Analytics — Many organizations remain “data rich” but “information poor”. HANA’s in-memory analytics can boost data insight 2x – 10x depending on current ERP setup.
  • Reliability and Recovery — What happens if your ERP system goes down? On-site servers may be permanently damaged and data unrecoverable. Cloud-based solutions empower organizations to meet recovery time objectives (RTOs) and get back to business as usual.

Want to dive in more?

Need more info on how migrating SAP to Azure can work for your business? See how others have done it!

Visit our cloud migration resources to get a case study detailing how T-Systems helped one Asian healthcare service provider migrate to Azure and position themselves as an industry leader with the help of their upgraded IT environment. Find an infographic on T-Systems’ unique Cloudifier process, as well as self-assessment to help you determine if your business is cloud ready!

Dive In and Discover More

Learn how T-Systems can help empower your S/4 HANA shift and streamline implementation.

With over 80 percent of businesses choosing to bring in outside help for their S/4 HANA deployment, it’s worth having an expert on your team. T-Systems has you covered.

Empower Your ERP

Legacy ERP tools were ideal for legacy environments — but can’t keep pace in a world driven by digital transformation.

SAP HANA empowers ERP deployments by leveraging modular, in-memory solutions to boost performance and reduce complexity.

Achieve Better Results

S/4 HANA is analytics-driven, using cloud-based tools and techniques to optimize data collection, analysis and insight.

The result? Data rich organizations can significantly improve the velocity and value of their ERP deployments to gain actionable insight.

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