SAP Journey to the Cloud
on Your Terms

Up to 65% of businesses are finding that their legacy SAP systems are inhibiting growth. Be among the remaining 35%


Customize your SAP cloud migration plan for single, multiple, or hybrid environments.


Receive support to keep your data secure during the cloud transformation process.


Unify your IT system with one or multiple SAP landscapes, all accessible from a single cloud platform.


Complete your cloud transformation with the assistance an expertly designed roadmap.



Advantages of Using Cloud-Based ERP Solutions

When it comes to ERP solutions, many organizations are finding that their legacy systems can no longer support growing IT needs. The benefits of transitioning to cloud services like Azure are many. By using cloud services companies can improve the scalability of their ERP solution, gain access to AI-powered applications built into the cloud, integrate databases from different business units, and benefit from industry-leading security and compliance standards. Hidden word



The Business Case for SAP Cloud Migration

As businesses face increasing pressure to cut costs, deliver value-added products, and improve the customer experience, more enterprises are shifting workloads to cloud-hosted services. Migrating SAP systems to the cloud can reduce costs by taking hardware out of the picture and transferring security responsibilities to the service provider. Other benefits include reduction of Capex spend to free up cash flow, the ability to consolidate disparate systems, and simplify the IT environment.


Run Your Business on SAP With the Power of Azure Infrastructure

This paper details how running SAP on Azure can boost operational speed and agility, and ultimately result in a higher level of service delivered to customers. After reading this whitepaper you will understand why both SAP and Microsoft Azure are considered leaders in their respective industries, and how the partnership translates into a superior IT environment for their customers. Here are some of the improved end-to-end scenarios with SAP on Azure covered in the paper:

  • Development and tests
  • Production environments
  • Archiving
  • Provision training environments


Optimize the Cost of Your SAP Infrastructure with Cloud Migration

In this paper, you will learn how SAP cloud migration has the potential for both short-term and long-term cost reductions, decreased propensity for data errors, improved speed, and a better customer experience. The paper also introduces the T-Systems Cloudifier process— a standardized, cost-controlled strategy for SAP Azure migration. The paper discusses the following business scenarios of a successful migration:

  • More flexible Opex spending
  • Improved security and data protection
  • Enhanced data analytics
  • Reliability and recovery

Want to dive in more?

Need more info on how migrating SAP to Azure can work for your business? See how others have done it!

Visit our cloud migration resources to get a case study detailing how T-Systems helped one Asian healthcare service provider migrate to Azure and position themselves as an industry leader with the help of their upgraded IT environment. Find an infographic on T-Systems’ unique Cloudifier process, as well as self-assessment to help you determine if your business is cloud ready!

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